• Intelegain Technologies

    Intelegain Technologies

    Intelegain is a leading technology company with a global footprint providing Custom Software Solutions, MS Dynamics 365 services and Azure Cloud Services.

  • Fabien RAYNAUD

    Fabien RAYNAUD

    www.FabienRaynaud.com — Project Manager ★ Startup Lover ★ Crowdfunding Ambassador ★ Business Angel ★ Management, Innovation, Personal Development

  • Gertjan Van Attenhoven

    Gertjan Van Attenhoven

    Technology & UX | http://digitaltomorrow.be

  • David Knight

    David Knight

    Advising companies on sales, partner & channel, lead generation, operations, strategic planning, & identifying opportunities for growth.

  • Lorraine Terry

    Lorraine Terry

  • Dylan Marsh

    Dylan Marsh

    Developer, geek, father & entrepreneur. Loves sushi, cars, and Zelda. Co-Founder of KNOWARE and UI Academy.

  • Lindsay Andreotti

    Lindsay Andreotti

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