To understand what Profile is, we have to start at what brought me to Profile. Before founding this company, I was a college football coach for ten years. After devoting a decade to the job, I made a career change because something still didn’t feel right with me. I lacked the kind of self-awareness and self-understanding that I thought I’d acquire from trying to lead a team of talented individuals.

So I ended up joining the corporate technology sector as a sales manager and product consultant. It was here, during the hiring process, where I was given some personality profiling assessments; these really spoke to me. They spoke to me in ways of understanding myself more than I ever did before: my personality fears, how I was motivated, and the right and wrong ways I needed to be communicated with.

As I began to better understand myself, I began to gain the self-awareness I always strived for. Beyond that, I truly realized that I was different from the other people around me. We all are. This was a realization I wish that I had had when I was a coach. If I had this tool, I would have communicated with others differently and would have been abler to intentionally work on my blindspots. So I began a quest to develop an online tool to give the DISC assessment in 8–10 minutes on a phone that would be sent via text.

I was a believer that people wanted these results but they wanted it quickly and it needed to be easy to understand. Much of the time, the assessment world can be convoluted and hard to navigate. My belief is that a solution of this nature was exactly what was missing from the coaching and human resources world.

Due to my sports background, I was able to see the strong need within the world of college and professional football, as well as college basketball. We soon began to work with teams like the Dallas Cowboys, The Ohio State University, and Stanford University.

Over the last six years, we’ve believed in the DISC Profile accompanied by a couple of other assessments as a necessary system for any team to understand people better than they ever have. Additionally, we’ve come to learn that we’re not just powerful in the sports arena, but that we’re a company that’s useful for people. Period.

Our system incorporates leadership development training, hiring methodologies, and the science of team building. Our company now works with a multitude of organizations across the nation assisting them with their DISC assessment needs while also offering them an HR consulting platform that is truly distinct from others.

The need for organizations to understand each other, especially with five generations now in the workplace needing to work effectively with each other, is as pertinent as ever. Profile is here to help.

Chad Q. Brown’s Profile is a retained consulting firm incorporating distinct team building and talent strategies utilizing proprietary technology and behavioral assessment infrastructure. Our mission — help people get better at people.


Chad Q. Brown

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